Bug Week 2020 Photo Contest Results

  • Ana-Marlene D. – “Hang In There!”

The Bug Week 2020 Photo Contest was an enormous success with a record number of entries. Thanks to everyone who entered photos capturing a wide variety of bugs in nature. Bugs are the unsung heroes of our environment, and photographing them in their natural habitat helps us better appreciate the excellent work they do.

The Bug Week Photo Contest results are as follows:

1. Ana-Marlene D. – “Hang In There!”
2. Alyssa M. – “Vibrant Colors in Nature”
3. Olivia B. – “Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly”

Adult Amateur
1. Joy Tyler – “Splash of Sunlight”
2. Merle Yoder – “That’s a ‘Moth-ful’”
3. Karen Gallo – “Bees on Thistle”

1. Rachel Fiore – “Second Course”
2. Molly Deegan – “Damselfly and Dew”
3. Katie Hunt – “This Little Light of Mine”


Congratulations to our winners! Their photos will be displayed on the Bug Week website, http://www.bugs.uconn.edu