Black Gum

Black Gum Tree
Missouri Botanical Garden

Black Gum Leaf
Jim Robbins for NCSU Extension

Common Name:  Black Gum

Scientific NameNyssa sylvatica

Mature Height and Width: Height: 30-100 feet; Width: 20-35 feet 

Cultural Requirements (Sun/Water/Soil Type):  Average, medium to wet soils in full sun to part shade. Prefers moist, acidic soils. Tolerates poorly-drained soils and can grow in standing water. Female trees need male counterpart to set fruit. Red fall color.

Bloom Time: May - June 

Flower Color:  Greenish-white

Fruit: Bluish-black berries in late summer/early fall 

Pollinator TypeFlowers: Bees; Fruit: Migrating songbirds