2020 Photo Contest Winners

  • Ana-Marlene D. – “Hang In There!”

2020 Photo Contest Entries

  • Cadence H. - "Bug on Dogwood Leaf"

2018 Photo Contest Winners

  • great gymnast
    Tianhao Jiang - 1st place junior - Great Gymnast

2019 Photo Contest Winners

  • praying mantis on purple asters
    1st place adult - Praying mantis on purple asters - Andrea Lavery

2017 Photo Contest Winners

  • bee
    1st Place - Jeff Gonci - "Buzzy Bee" - Manchester, CT

Past Bug Month Events

  • Monarch butterfly on weed

Spring Valley Event

  • scavenger hunt

Bugs Around Connecticut

  • syrphid fly on flower
    If you look carefully near the center of the flower, you will see a tiny adult syrphid fly. Photo by Donna Ellis, UConn.
  • stare down